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6" and 1.7" in Diameter



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Navigator is part of a series of modern design, but yet with a touch of the 19th Century style.

The Earth globe diameter is about 6.3” with a wooden base.  The Moon Diameter is approximately 1.7”. The Earth Moon set is in scale for their sizes.

At the time of this writing, no other globe makers are offering this Earth and Moon set combination.

This globe can be further customized if desired. The customization offers several elements to choose from, such as location names, your travel route, labels for anniversaries, weddings, honeymoons, graduations, special dates, and some other personal custom requests.

This globe is made on demand regardless of if they are customizable or not, so if you are interested just click on button below, and we’ll be glad to email you additional detailed information, with absolutely no obligation to you.

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This design is an Original Art by Bruno Dias. Map Artwork Copyright © 2024, Beilux. All Rights Reserved

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